Graffiti Features

Speed, Power, Torque

We're powering the Graffiti with an industry-leading, hill climbing hub motor. That's right! The reliability, simplicity, and low maintenance benefits that a hub engine typically offers, with the hill-climbing mastery and torque benefits of a mid-dirve engine. How we do this is by utilizing a direct drive engine with stator magnets twice the size of any of our competition. Bigger magnets = More Power and More Torque. The Lyric Graffiti was made so that it's never scared of hills. It was born in a mountain town where all we have is hills. 

The Heart of the Beast

To accomplish all of this power and speed an electric bike needs a great controller. Well of course, we have that too! Our controller, from ASI the industry-recognized leader in motor controllers, is an advanced sine wave controller that smooths out power delivery and calculates the additional power you'll need to crush hills. This is the key to Graffiti's performance it is the brains and heart of the beast. If you have never questioned where your ebikes controller is from before, you should! This is one of the most important parts of your bike for all functions and operations and the Lyric Graffiti is the only bike on the market to come stock with a high performance controller like this. 

Designed for Reliability 

 Our hub-engines increase the reliability of your bike by reducing the wear on drive-train parts. Because Graffiti is the only bike in its class that utilizes a direct-drive motor, we also eliminate the problem of broken nylon planetary gears that most other hub engines face. Add to this our partnership with Veer Cycle to offer a belt drive. This offers no lube, no mess, and lasts 4-5 times longer than a chain or 15-20 times longer than a chain on a mid-drive ebike. Add to this our highly reliable controller, Samsung battery cells, German made brakes, and hand-made seats from Tuffside you will see that we have put a lot of thought into the reliability of the Heartbreaker.