Lyric Voodoo


Voodoo's Stand-Out Features

65 MPH Top Speed

Effortlessly keep up with traffic when the need arises

18,000 Peak Watts

Access that higher power to accelerate fast, climb hills with ease, and carry up to 400 lbs

55-65 Mile Range

No range anxiety here folks

Regenerative Braking

Recharge while you ride and save on brake pad costs

Key Features

Powerful Motor

The Voodoo flaunts a powerful 3000 watt hub motor that will keep your heart racing. With 18,000 peak watts, you’ll blast off the line and effortlessly keep up with traffic. And hills? They don’t stand a chance… even with a heavy load.

ASI Controller

Compact, reliable, fast and powerful, the ASI BAC 4000 is the upgraded controller of choice, but it comes standard on every Voodoo. With the smoothest power delivery, you’ll feel the tranquillity as you accelerate and decelerate.

Monoshock Suspension

The Voodoo is a smooth operator thanks to its motorcycle fork and monoshock suspension. From top-speed city riding, to off-road excursions, the stability is almost eerie.

Brake it Down

High speeds require elevated stopping capability. Front and rear motorcycle hydraulic disc brakes, plus the additional regenerative brakes provide exorbitant braking power. Not only do the variable regenerative brakes put 10% charge back in your battery, they’ll also save you big on brake pad costs.

Sleek Two-Passenger Seat

The Voodoo is ready for solo rides or adventures with a friend. The stylish seat can comfortably accommodate two riders.

Register & Insure

Each Voodoo comes with a VIN so you can register and insure your ride as limited speed motorcycle / moped

Light Weight for City Living

Convenience is key, so we made the Voodoo light and small enough for condo living. Simply roll the Voodoo into your elevator, and it can be stored on your balcony or in bike storage lockers.

Pedals or Pegs

The shapeshifter strikes again… pedals or pegs? Your choice! The Voodoo comes with pedals for when the need arises, or you can upgrade to pegs. Truth is, the pedals are more for show, and depending on your local regulations, they put the ped in moped.

Bells & Whistles

Ride into the sunset and back with DOT approved lighting to light up the night. Turn signals, mirrors and a horn keep you safe in traffic. And your full color LCD display puts power at your fingertips, tracks your ride stats, and keeps your devices charged on its USB plug.

Tried, Tested & True


I have looked into many of the other eBike companies making similar products and I can tell you that everything Lyric is doing, the others are not. Quality parts and product with thoughtful design. They’re doing great things and once you ride their bikes it will become obvious as to why they are different.

- Gareth Rider -


These guys come up with info, links, advice, service, who, what & where! I am most impressed! A very kind company to deal with. It's not all about, profit & sales, there is more to life than that. Thank you for proving that!

- Max Johnstone -